Bonding Coat

Bonding Coat is a water-based acrylic binder, specifically designed to prevent moisture on asphalt or concrete surface and to increase the adhesion of other top layers to the surface.

Base Layer

Base Layer is a cutting-edge solution tailored specifically for tennis courts and other outdoor sports surfaces. Made with imported water based acrylic binder and incorporating filler and fine silica, this black base enhances the adhesion of upper layers to asphalt or concrete surface, effectively closing pores and resulting in a smooth, level finish.


Cushion is an innovative surfacing solution meticulously engineered by adding carefully selected rubber granules to an imported water based acrylic binder. The cushion layer adds a superior level of flexibility and shock absorption to the court surface thereby reducing the risk of injuries.


Color layer is specially formulated with high quality pigments and imported water based acrylic binder. Engineered for excellent UV resistance and wear resistance, the color layer maintains its brilliance and withstands the rigors of intense gameplay and exposure to sunlight, ensuring long lasting and visually appealing tennis court surface.

Line Marking

Line paint is the same product as color layer. It has the same formulation & texture so that the consistency of speed and bounce of the ball is the same when it lands on the line.

Patch Binder

Patch Binder is a special formulation designed for tennis court maintenance and repair. This patch binder is used to remove any undulations in the existing or new surface. When applied, it effectively seals and adheres to the surrounding area, ensuring a seamless integration of the patchwork with rest of the court.

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